Meyer’s Dusack

Scholars of Alcala offers a complete training program for the Meyer’s Dusak in San Diego. Published in 1570, Joachim Meyer‘s book provides a comprehensive system of fencing that covers a wide variety of weapons including the queen of the one-handed swords, the dusack (also spelled dussack).

Study Guides and Books

No prior experience is needed. All fencers will be provided with a copy of our dusack training guide with drills and exercises so they can practice both in class and at home.


Swords and safety gear is available for beginners. And until we run out, you’ll be given a wooden dusack for practicing at home.

Historically, the dusack could be made of metal, wood, or leather. For modern fencers, synthetic swords are also available.

Faksvaag, Jon-Erik / Norsk Folkemuseum

Wallace Collection

Paulus Hector Mair

We do not recommend steel dusacks at this time.